Innovation Alert: xMEMS Launches First-Ever Ultrasound Speaker for Earbuds

Although, sound technology has amazingly improved over the last few years, still most headphones use traditional physical amplifiers to produce sound. But xMEMS lab has taken a step further to introduce Cypress ultrasonic solid-state speaker for TWS earbuds. To those of you who don’t know what solid-state speakers are, here’s what you need to know.

Solid-state speakers instead of relying on physical amplifiers, make use of ultrasonic sound pulses to produce sound. Yes, you got that right, ultrasonic sound is inaudible for human ears. So, how would you hear sound then?

Well, xMEMS has done a lot of R&D in ultrasonic amplitude modulation transduction technology. This tech allows the speakers to produce ultrasonic sound pulses, which are then sent over to a demodulator to convert them into audible sound.

xMEMs new ultrasonic solid-state speakers diagram

The use of ultrasonic pulses is to make the precise sound produced as delivered from the original source. So, the cypress ultrasonic solid-state speaker offers superior sound quality across all frequencies as compared to traditional sound speakers.

A Little Bit About Cypress Ultrasonic Speakers by xMEMS

Each Cypress MEMS speaker is compact, measuring just 6.3 x 6.5 x 1.65mm. Despite its small size, this speaker will offer a deeper bass and high-fedility sound.

xMEMS claims that these ultrasound speakers can generate a powerful 140dB low-frequency sound pressure level (SPL) and reach as low as 20Hz, which is phenomenal.

Even when it comes down to ANC (Active Noise Cancellation), the TWS earbuds equipped with Cypress MEMS speakers will filter out more unwanted (higher frequency) noise.

Lastly, the implementation of ultrasonic solid-state speakers in earbuds would lower the latency to a significant level. So, for users who play games or watch movies, the earbuds with Cypress MEMS speakers would be the right bet to go with.

When Cypress MEMS speakers will launch in the market?

xMEMS will showcase the Cypress ultrasonic speakers at CES late 2024. What would be the final price of earbuds equipped with Cypress MEMS speakers isn’t known yet? However, xMEMS has opted for TSMC to carry out the manufacturing process. This means that the price would be competitive enough for consumers.

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