Vivo’s TWS 3e ANC Earbuds Are Launched At A Whopping Price of $25

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The year 2023 is about to end and VIVO has dropped the Christmas gift by launching the cheapest ANC earbuds on the market. The VIVO TWS 3e earbuds are the most affordable earbuds with active noise cancellation for $25.

Vivo's TWS 3e ANC Earbuds

Supporting 11mm dynamic drivers, the Vivo TWS 3e earbuds bring your audio to life with a 3D panoramic sound mode, creating an immersive auditory adventure.

Need to juggle between devices? No problem! With multi-point pairing, connect to two devices simultaneously.

Plus, experience seamless audio synchronization with a lightning-fast 55ms low latency mode. These are not just earbuds; it’s a whole new dimension of sound.

And I’m surprised how these $25 earbuds are packed with features that end up on top-tier earbuds on the market.

I haven’t tested these yet, so I don’t know how they would sound. But keeping in view the high-end 11mm dynamic drivers, I’m sure that the sound quality would be much better than many economical earbuds on the market.

The highly marketed feature of these earbuds is the “Active Noise Cancellation”. And we don’t know what type of ANC performance you can expect from these buds with a $25 price tag.

But for now, these are the cheapest buds that promise a noise-free calling and listening experience to budget geeks. So, they are worth giving a try!

Battery Life

VIVO claims that the battery life on these earbuds would last for eight hours on constant use. And the charging case that comes with these earbuds allows you to extend the battery life up to 44 hours.

For now, the VIVO TWS 3e earbuds are available in dark blue and white colour.


Right now, the VIVO TWS 3e earbuds are available in China only. You will these earbuds in the other parts of the world after December 22 or maybe after Christmas.

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