JLab Go Air Won’t Turn On & Turn Off (Fixed)

JLab Go Air are the most popular earbuds out there on the market. However, there are a lot of technical issues reported by users like JLab Go Air earbuds not turning on or off. Generally, you can turn these buds on/off by pressing the dedicated buttons for at least 3 seconds. But sometimes these buds don’t turn off due to a software bug.

So, this guide is all about fixing the JLab Go Air earbuds if you face power-related issues.

Attempting to perform advanced troubleshooting or repairs beyond the scope of this guide may void the warranty or cause further damage to the earbuds. Users are advised to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines and seek professional assistance if needed.

How to Fix JLab Go Air Won’t Turn On

Let’s start with the basic troubleshooting steps:

1. Check Battery Life

If your JLab earbuds are not turning on, then check out if they are charged or not. It’s recommended to charge your earbuds for at least 30 minutes before turning them on. If your earbuds are too low on charging, they won’t turn on.

The battery life on your earbuds can get low if you haven’t used them for a long time. Put your earbuds back in the charging case and charge them for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

Also, check out if the charging case itself has enough battery left inside to charge your earbuds.

2. Charging Issues

Sometimes, the contact pins on the earbuds do not align with the charging pins on your case. Due to this, your JLab earbuds won’t charge and turn on later. Align the earbuds with the contact pins on the charging case for proper charging.

Upon aligning the earbuds, you’ll see a consistent light turned on which is an indication that your earbuds are properly charging.

align your JLab Go Air earbuds properly inside the case

Furthermore, confirm that there’s no debris or obstruction between the contact pins that might hinder the charging process.

Also, confirm that you use the provided USB cable and an appropriate power source to charge your JLab charging case.

3. Check Temperature

Your earbuds will work ideally between 0 °C and 35 °C, which is the safest temperature range to operate. But if the temperature is below 0 °C and higher than 35 °C, your earbuds will have issues turning on.

Exposing your earbuds to extreme temperatures can result in a negative impact on the battery life. For example, using your earbuds in a high mountainous area could drain the battery faster.

So, if you are using your JLab Go Air earbuds in an extreme environment, chances are that they won’t turn on at all.

If the earbuds are unresponsive, bring them to a moderate temperature before attempting to power them on.

4. Resetting the Earbuds

One of the most effecive ways to fix bugs issues in earbuds is to restart them. Just like many other manufacturers, JLab allows you to reset your earbuds by putting them back in the charging case.

Once you put earbuds back in the charging case, press the power buttons on both earbuds for a long time until the indicator lights blink.

Now remove the earbuds from the case and see if they turn on this time.

5. Dead Battery

Most earbuds use tiny Lithium-ion batteries to power up. If the above methods aren’t working for you, then there are higher chances of dead batteries.

internal battery inside earbuds is dead

Changing the internal batteries on earbuds is a very technical and difficult task. Instead of reparing, I would suggest you to contact JLab and ask for a replacement if your earbuds are under warranty.

How to Fix JLab Go Air Won’t Turn Off

Here are some possible reasons along with the fixes:

1. Case Not Charged

Putting the earbuds back into the charing case turns them off automatically. But if your case is has no charging left in it, then your earbuds won’t turn off even if you place them correctly on the charging pins.

In this case, it’s better to turn off your earbuds manually by pressing the power button for 3 to 5 seconds.

2. Unpair

Sometimes, there’s a software that prevents your JLab earbuds from being turned off. In this case, try to unpair your earbuds from all the connected devices and then try turning them off again.

Another way is to turn off the Bluetooth connectivity on the device that you are connected to.

3. Humidity Concerns

Moisture can interfere with electronic components. If your earbuds get wet, dry them thoroughly before attempting to power them off. Therefore, consider using a protective case in humid conditions to prevent moisture ingress.

4. Update Firmware

As discussed earlier, software glitches or bugs can cause connectivity issues in earbuds. Sometimes, the old firmware can conflict with the system drivers and prevent your JLab Go Air earbuds from disconnecting and turning off.

One way to overcome this is to install the latest firmware from the manufacturer’s website. JLab often releases new updates that fix any technical issues being reported by the users in the community.

The JLab companion app also notifies you if there’s any recent firmware update available for your Go Air earbuds. Regularly updating the firmware can address software-related glitches that might affect the power functions

User Tips and Best Practices to Protect Your JLab Earbuds

JLab Go Air earbuds are compact, wireless, and designed to provide an immersive audio experience. To ensure optimal performance and longevity, it’s essential for users to adopt proper storage practices and regular maintenance routines.

Proper Storage

One of the key elements in preserving the functionality and battery life of your JLab Go Air earbuds is proper storage. The charging case serves as more than just a power source; it also offers protection from external elements.

Keep the charging case and earbuds away from direct sunlight, excessive heat, or extreme cold. Prolonged exposure to such conditions can adversely affect battery performance and overall functionality.

Cleaning the Earbuds and Charging Case

Regular maintenance, including cleaning, is crucial for ensuring the longevity and hygiene of your JLab Go Air earbuds.

Gently wipe the earbuds and charging case with a dry, lint-free cloth. This helps remove dust, dirt, and fingerprints without risking damage to the electronic components.

Do not use liquid cleaners directly on the earbuds or charging case.

Inspecting and Replacing Accessories

The accessories provided with your JLab Go Air earbuds play a crucial role in comfort and audio quality.

It’s important to check the ear tips for wear and tear. If they become loose or damaged, replace them with the provided alternatives to maintain a secure and comfortable fit.

Also, if your JLab Go Air comes with detachable cables, periodically inspect them for any signs of fraying or damage.


I hope that the above methods would help you fix JLab Go Air earbuds not turning on or off issue. Always start from the basic troubleshooting steps like checking the battery life, charging case, cables, etc. If you’ve followed the troubleshooting steps and the problems persist, do not hesitate to reach out to JLab’s customer support if your earbuds are still under warranty.

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