How to Squeeze More Battery Life Out of Your Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are now in everyone’s pocket. We use them for listening to calls or our favourite music. Earbuds are more compact as compared to headphones. You can put them inside the charging case and carry them anywhere you want. However, there’s one thing that might tickle you everywhere you go, and that’s the limited battery life on wireless earbuds.

Although, modern true wireless earbuds come with a decent battery life of 6 to 8 hours, not every model out there lasts this much. The battery life on earbuds depends upon how you use them.

If you are fed up with charging your earbuds every few hours, then here are some solutions that you can try to get more battery life on your buds.

How to Boost the Battery Life on Your Wireless Earbuds

Tip# 1: Turn Off High-End Features

One of the most battery-sucking features on wireless earbuds is the Active Noise Cancellation or ANC. If you are making phone calls or listening to music where you really don’t need active noise cancellation, then I recommend you turn it off to save your battery life.

What ANC does is use some special microphones and circuits to block unwanted noise while delivering clear audio. As it takes a lot of effort to collect, process, and filter the voice data, your earbuds consume a lot of battery.

So I recommend turning off your ANC where you really don’t need it. This would add an extra 20% to 30% battery life to your earbuds.

Also, some earbuds use high-bitrate Bluetooth codecs (LDAC, LHDC, AAC, etc) to enhance the audio quality.

turn off premium features to enhance battery life on wireless earbuds

Though these features can enhance the overall quality of your earbuds, they also reduce the battery life on the other end.

In most earbuds, these features are turned on by default. So what you can do is turn down the codecs or completely turn them off. Similarly, if your earbuds come with a Spatial Audio feature, then you can simply switch this off through a companion app relevant to your earbuds.

Likewise, features like Bixby, Alexa, and Siri are common to found these days on wireless earbuds. If these features are turned on and you don’t use them, then it’s better to turn them off to save battery life.

Tip# 2: Use Mono Mode

True wireless earbuds come up with a mono mode feature which lets you use either earbud independently. Using mono mode leaves you with extra battery life on the other earbuds, not in use.

use earbuds in mono mode to extend battery life

Once the earbuds that you are using are about to discharge, you can simply put them back in the charging case and recharge them.

Using your earbuds in mono mode lets you squeeze more battery life in situations where your battery life is about to die. When in mono mode, some premium features like ANC or Spatial Audio have also been disabled automatically, adding more minutes to the battery life.

Tip# 3: Partial Charge Earbuds

I know that having plenty of battery life is much better, but do you know that charging your earbuds fully can do more harm?

As wireless earbuds have smaller cell units to store electrical charges as compared to headphones, therefore, fully or overcharging your earbuds can shorten their battery life span.

Overcharging or exposing your earbuds to too much charging simply exposes them to higher temperatures. The battery cells used in earbuds or headphones have a limited life span or charging cycles.

So one of the solutions to this is partially charging your earbuds. This means you can charge your earbuds up to 70% or 80% and then let them discharge fully.

do no charge your earbuds fully, always partial charge

Tip# 4: Lower the Volume

Listening to music or calls at a higher volume on earbuds consumes a lot of battery power. So, try listening to music or calls at 60% or 70% as this will help in improving the battery life and would do less damage to your hearing as well.

Tip# 5: Limit Pairing

With wireless earbuds showing support for connecting with multiple devices at the same time, features like Bluetooth Multipoint are common these days.

Multipoint gives you the convenience to switch between multiple devices effortlessly, but this also drains a lot of battery life to maintain the dual connection.

Simply, turn off the Bluetooth on your devices when they are not in use, this saves a lot of battery life.

Tip# 6: Update the Firmware:

Earbuds manufacturers constantly release software updates to improve the performance and battery life of your earbuds. So, always keep an eye on the latest firmware updates released by the manufacturer.

You can know about the firmware updates through the companion app or the official website of your earbuds manufacturer.


So, these are some of the best working tips that you can follow to improve the battery life of your earbuds. Always start by disabling the lavish features like ANC or Spatial Audio that consume a lot of battery life.

Moreover, updating the firmware or partially charging the earbuds can improve battery life up to a significant level. Let me know, which one of these tips helped you in boosting the battery life.

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