7 Things to Know Before You Choose Earbuds

how to choose earbuds

When it comes to purchasing a good pair of earbuds, everyone needs a pair that offers the most value for the money. The type of earbuds that you’ll buy will influence your listening experience when it comes to calls, music, and other audio activities. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider … Read more

What is Active Noise Cancellation in Earphones? Explained

What is ANC or Active Noise Cancellation

You may have come across the term “ANC” or “Active Noise Cancellation” whenever you come across earphones or headphones. Active noise cancellation is an innovative technology used in modern-day earbuds, headphones, and related audio equipment. Previously, Active Noise Cancellation technology was only present in giant headphones. But with the passage of time, it now envelops … Read more