How Earbuds Changed the Listening Experience This Year

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2023 is the year when we’ve seen a lot of innovations in the earbuds industry. The integration of spatial audio alongside active noise cancellation (ANC) has become a notable trend among true wireless headsets (TWS). Here’s a glance at some of the most innovative earbuds launched this year: Sony’s WF-1000XM5: Sony aimed to compete in … Read more

JLab Go Air Won’t Turn On & Turn Off (Fixed)

JBL Go Air troubleshooting guide

JLab Go Air are the most popular earbuds out there on the market. However, there are a lot of technical issues reported by users like JLab Go Air earbuds not turning on or off. Generally, you can turn these buds on/off by pressing the dedicated buttons for at least 3 seconds. But sometimes these buds … Read more

3.5mm Audio vs USB Type-C: Everything to Know

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You’ll find a 3.5mm jack or USB Type-C interface in most audio devices these days. The 3.5mm jack has been ruling the audio market for years, and it remained the preferred choice of audiophiles throughout this time. But with the arrival of the USB Type-C back in the year 2014, everything changed. Now, it’s hard … Read more

Innovation Alert: xMEMS Launches First-Ever Ultrasound Speaker for Earbuds

xMEMS Solid state speakers news break

Although, sound technology has amazingly improved over the last few years, still most headphones use traditional physical amplifiers to produce sound. But xMEMS lab has taken a step further to introduce Cypress ultrasonic solid-state speaker for TWS earbuds. To those of you who don’t know what solid-state speakers are, here’s what you need to know. … Read more

IPX Rating System – Explained in Detail

IPX Rating explained

IPX rating is a standard system used to classify the degree of protection that an electronic device offers against dust particles or liquids. Therefore, understanding the IPX rating system helps you understand under what conditions and up to what level your electronic device offers protection against solids or liquids. So, this guide will help readers … Read more

Earbuds vs Headphones: Which One You Should Use?

which you should choose earbuds or headphones . explained

There was a time when headphones ruled the audio market all around the world. But with technological advancement, we now have earbuds that do the same type of job that you expect from a headphone. Both the headphones and earbuds have their own pros and cons. With so many options available on the market, it’s … Read more