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Best Sound Quality Wireless Earbuds Under $100 for 2024

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Searching for the best wireless earbuds under $100 could leave you with many options on the market. Everyone has their listening taste when it comes to “cheap earbuds”. Some people prefer more bass while others look for a balanced sound.

Within the market, there are many low-budget earbuds with decent sound quality. The fact they are cheaper doesn’t mean that they will sound awful. Even with a strict budget, you can get your hands on earbuds that come with active noise cancellation (ANC), comfy fit, waterproofing, and much more.

After hours of research and testing, I’ve narrowed down on some of the nice-sounding earbuds from Samsung, Soundcore, TOZO, and Sony.

Editor’s Pick
soundcore life a1 earbuds

Soundcore Life A1

Runner up
space a40

Soundcore Space A40

Best ANC Performance
sony link sbud

Sony Linkbuds S

Best Waterproof
t12 pro tozo

TOZO T12 Pro Wireless Earbuds

Best Sound
galaxy fe buds

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE

Reasons to BuyPunchy bass, comfy to wear, great for workoutAdaptive noise cancellation, LDAC for high-quality audio, Comfy to wearExcellent sound quality, strong noise cancellation Decent sound profile, long battery life, and WaterproofGood sound quality, comfy fit, innovative design, ANC

Best TWS Earbuds Under $100 Budget, What to Expect?

With a small budget, you can expect decent sound quality and features from these earbuds. If you are a beginner, then $100 can get you some of the best-sounding earbuds for listening to music or phone calls.

Falling for the brands doesn’t mean that you will also get the best performance. The features that matter the most are the overall build quality, battery life, sound quality, and additional features that come with the earbuds.

I always expect more battery life out of my earbuds. No matter what the price is, if your earbuds do not come with a long battery life, there’s no sense in buying them.

The TWS earbuds that I’ve chosen for this guide promise more than 6 hours of battery life. I believe this is the average battery performance that you can expect from most earbud brands on the market.

Lastly, having features like active noise cancellation, mono mode, or dedicated buttons can enhance your overall listening experience. And most economical earbuds these days are at least packed with some of these features, if not all.

1: Soundcore Life A1 – Editor’s Pick

Bluetooth version: 5.3 | Noise-cancelling: No | Built-in mic and controls: Yes | IPX Rating: IPX4 | Battery life: 40hrs (8hrs buds, 32hrs case)

The Soundcore Life A1 are my favourite earbuds with punchy bass and well-balanced tones. These earbuds are well-built, deliver up to 8 hours of battery life, IPX4 rating, and come with a mono-mode listening experience.

Best Sound Quality Wireless Earbuds Under $100

Although the Souncore Life A1 doesn’t offer the performance juice you can expect from its siblings, the Soundcore Liberty 4 and Soundcore Space A40, it still manages to put a lot of great features on the table.

Let’s first talk about the sound quality which is the foremost concern on a tight budget. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting these sub $100 TWS earbuds to be that good at handling the sound.

As I’ve said earlier, I prefer bass over other listening features in earbuds. Listening to music on Soundcore Life A1 is a joyful experience with thumpy bass and balanced lower mid tones.

The treble is set too low on these earbuds by default, but some instruments will sound a bit more when listening to rock music. However, the overall audio quality of these earbuds is good keeping in view the $50 price tag.

You can also tweak the sound quality by pressing the dedicated buttons on the earbuds. There are three different presets to choose from, which I think are enough to adjust the sound to your listening taste.

Moving further to the audio call quality, I haven’t found any complaints so far while testing these earbuds. However, listening to phone calls in windy conditions could disturb the listeners on the other side.

Maybe, the Soundcore Life A1 earbuds do not have active noise cancellation on the board, which justifies the poor performance in bad weather conditions. But the overall calling performance doesn’t drop and the receiver understands what you are saying.

All in all, the Soundcore Life A1 earbuds have a robust build quality, good battery life, and exceptional sound quality. The absence of ANC on these buds does if you choose the right size ear tips to perfectly seal your ear canals.

Soundcore offers multiple ear tips in the box that you can choose to block external noise from getting in. Overall, these are the most reliable true wireless earbuds that you can get under $100 if you prefer sound quality over any other feature.

2: Soundcore Space A40 – Best Runner Up Sub $100 Earbuds

Bluetooth version: 5.3 | Noise-cancelling: Yes | Built-in mic and controls: Yes | IPX Rating: IPX5 | Battery life: 50hrs (7hrs buds, 43hrs case)

The Soundcore Space A40 wireless earbuds combine sound quality and lower price at one spot. These TWS buds come with adaptive active noise cancellation and a great sound experience for budget geeks.

best under $100 tws earbuds

While researching for the cheapest earbuds with decent sound quality, I got a lot of positive votes for the Soundcore Space A40 earbuds. A friend of mine already had a pair of these, so I thought of borrowing and testing them.

As I was using the Soundcore Life A1 buds most of the time, trying the Space A40 was a new experience. I mean you get much-needed features in the Soundcore Space A40 that you miss out on in the Soundcore Life A1.

With a lot of sound equalizers, gaming mode, and top of all, active noise cancellation these earbuds are the perfect option to go with.

The Soundcore Space A40 buds look premium despite their under $100 price tag. Just like the Life A1, the Space A40 buds are also IPX4 rated and you can wear these in light rain without any issue.

I liked the innovative design of the Space A40 TWS buds. These can snugly fit into your ears, and the good thing is, you can wear them and listen to calls of music while lying on your side.

They don’t go too deep inside your ear canals, which makes them easy to wear for long hours of calls or music sessions.

The sound quality on Space A40 buds while listening to music is just amazing. I believe it’s way more tuned and well-balanced as compared to what I’ve experienced on the Soundcore Life A1 buds.

In the case of audio call quality, the voice on both ends is clear and louder. The microphone on these earbuds can pick up calls from a distance. However, the mic on Space A40 struggles to maintain the sound quality in windy or rough weather conditions just like the Soundcore Life A1.

Although Soundcore has equipped these buds with the Adaptive ANC, it’s not that effective when you are near the noise source. The ANC, however, still manages to dampen the medium and low-frequency sounds near you.

I think that the active noise cancellation in these earbuds is more effective if you use them to sleep. These buds last for more than 8 hours on a single charge, which is plenty of time to wear them and have a good sleep. The ergonomic design of these buds makes them a great option for side sleepers.

Moving on, Soundcore has integrated the Multipoint Connectivity option in these buds, which means you can connect them to more than one device at the same time. Moreover, you can now control these earbuds via the Soundcore app on your Android or iOS phone.

All in all, the Soundcore Space A40 true wireless earbuds deliver an excellent sound experience without putting a hole in your wallet. The deeper drum sounds and darker electronic tones are enhanced a bit to add warmth to the music.

Guitars, piano, and vocals in the middle range sound natural and full, and the high-pitched tones gradually decrease before they become too sharp or edgy.

I won’t recommend these if you spend most of your time outside in windy or noisy areas listening to calls or music. But if that doesn’t bother you, then the Soundcore Space A40 are the best earbuds with a positive listening experience.

3: Sony Linkbuds S – The Best ANC Earbuds for $100 Price Tag

Bluetooth version: 5.3 | Noise-cancelling: Yes | Built-in mic and controls: Yes | IPX Rating: IPX4 | Battery life: 20hrs (7hrs buds, 13hrs case)

The Sony Linkbuds S costs a bit more than $100, but it promises a lot of features that you cannot ignore. If you prefer a strong ANC and sound quality, then the Sony Linkbuds S earbuds will never disappoint you.

Sonylink bus s

The Sony Linkbuds S earbuds are packed with much-needed features like 7 hours of battery life (with ANC on), built-in Alexa, and powerful bass. I think the top selling point of these buds is the strong active noise cancellation, which I’ll discuss first.

The ANC performance on Sony Linkbuds S is way better than the Soundcore Space A40 and Soundcore Liberty 4 NC. It manages to dampen the most irritating sounds even if the source is too close to you.

It won’t be wrong to say that Sony Linkbuds S comes closer in ANC performance when put side by side with the Apple AirPods 2 Pro earbuds.

Switching to the Transparency mode, it doesn’t feel as if you are wearing these as the traffic and other noisy sounds pass without any interruption. Transparency mode is helpful when you are in a busy area and want to hear what’s happening around you.

The Soundcore Life A1 and Soundcore Space A40, both struggle to maintain the voice quality in strong wind. But the Sony Linkbuds S overcomes this issue by filtering out the unwanted noise in the background. While making audio or video calls, the audio quality on both ends is clear and high.

The overall sound quality of the Sony Linkbuds S strikes a perfect balance between clarity and detail, creating a warm and soothing undertone. The centre mid-tones, where instruments like guitars, pianos, and trumpets shine, are especially impressive.

These instruments have a strong presence, sound natural, and are full of detail, all while having a comfy warm touch. Both female and male vocals also benefit, being pushed forward and displayed with fullness and naturality, effortlessly hitting the lower and higher tones.

Furthermore, the treble in these earbuds is nicely tuned, preventing it from getting too harsh or sharp. It’s not overly rolled-off either, so you don’t feel like you’re missing any details.

The bass has a good balance, with a medium-strong and well-paced mid-bass, along with a sub-bass that’s both deep and tight. However, in busy and crowded music compositions, the bass can lose a bit of its impact.

If you’re all about that powerful, ongoing bass thump, I would still suggest you go with Soundcore Life A1.

With so many valuable features like solid ANC, long battery life, multipoint connectivity, and IPX4 rating, the Sony Linkbuds S earbuds stand out in the crowd when looking for in-ear TWS earbuds under a $100 budget.

4: TOZO T12 Pro Wireless Earbuds – Waterproof & Longer Battery Life

Bluetooth version: 5.0 | Noise-cancelling: No | Built-in mic and controls: Yes | IPX Rating: IPX8 (Waterproof) | Battery life: 36hrs (12hrs buds, 24hrs case)

TOZO is an emerging brand in the wireless earbuds industry. The TOZO T12 Pro promises outstanding sound quality, long battery life, and an IPX8 waterproof rating in one package.

best sounding cheap earbuds under 100 dollars

I’ve already written the best TOZO earbuds guide where I’ve ranked the TOZO T12 Pro at the top of the list. I came across these buds while searching for under $100 earbuds on Amazon back in the day.

The TOZO T12 Pro is highly bought for its great sound quality, battery life, and comfortable wearing experience. Unfortunately, these buds lack active noise cancellation, but the medium-sized ear tips help in achieving a good seal around your ear canals.

And with no ANC, you will suffer from background noise when listening to calls or music in outdoors. But as I said, you can reduce the external noise to a significant extent by using the right ear seals with these buds.

When it comes down to the sound quality, the TOZO T12 Pro earbuds are no bargainer. With a thumpy bass and boosted lower mid, the TOZO T12 Pro gives you a warm profile while listening to music.

Moving on to the audio call quality, there’s not a lot of difference to tell when you compare the TOZO T12 Pro with the other earbuds on the list. The only thing that would have made the difference is the ANC, which is absent in these buds.

Both the caller and the receiver hear a clear and high voice. Again, the nearby noises or blowing winds can affect the call quality. Apart from that, the audio quality while making calls is decent and no objections from my side.

For audiophiles, who don’t want to spend more than $100 on good-sounding earbuds, the TOZO T12 Pro show up at the front. These cost below $50, which I think is affordable for most geeks out there.

5: Samsung Galaxy Buds FE Truly Wireless – Best Sounding Earbuds on Low Budget

Bluetooth version: 5.2 | Noise-cancelling: Yes | Built-in mic and controls: Yes | IPX Rating: IPX2 | Battery life: 30hrs (8.5hrs buds, 21.5hrs case)

The Samsung Galaxy Buds FE (Fan Edition) earbuds offer the best price-to-performance ratio. If sound quality is your top priority under $100, then these earbuds deliver the most bang for your buck.

Affordable TWS

The SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds FE buds pack superior sound quality and active noise cancellation in one box. But squeezing the most juice out of these earbuds is only possible if you have a Samsung device.

As these are made by Samsung, I definitely won’t recommend them for iPhone users. Not because these won’t connect with iPhone devices, just because these don’t come with iOS apps.

Moving on to the features, these are the most comfortable to-wear in-ear earbuds you can get under $100. Though these are small, the buds offer a decent battery life of up to nine hours (with ANC off) and six hours with ANC on.

The SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds FE sound reasonably good and wipes out some of the rival earbuds when it comes to best budget wireless earbuds.

One thing I would mention here is that these are not good for users who like punchy bass. However, for a normal listening experience (calls, videos, recording, etc) these are the best options to go with.

Again, the most highlighted feature of these buds is the ANC, switch it on and forget about the external noises trying to get in.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds FE, despite their small size, deliver surprisingly effective Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), especially considering their price. The snug fit contributes to this, making it a relief to put them on and experience the world fading away.

While you might catch the occasional sound, it’s significantly reduced compared to other earbuds in this price range, making the overall audio experience richer.

The music listening experience with the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE is quite decent considering the price. Occasionally, there’s a hint of distortion, not just at high volumes, but it’s manageable given the price range.

I found the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE to be compact and comfortable, especially for someone with small ears like me. They fit snugly and didn’t feel like they would easily fall out, even during workouts when I tested them with a variety of less-than-perfect burpees. To my surprise, they held up well.

Whether you’re using a Samsung device or an Android, you’ll fully experience the advantages of the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE. These budget-friendly earbuds pack a punch and deliver a noteworthy audio experience. Again, if you are an iOS user, these earbuds are not for you!

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Some Other Notable Mentions

  • Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 NC: These perform somewhat similar to that of Soundcore Space A40 buds. However, the noise cancellation performance on Liberty 4 NC is slightly better than on the Space A40. But, the Liberty 4 NC uses the traditional stick design which is a bit outdated now.
  • JBL Tune Buds True Wireless: You can say that the JBL Tune Buds TWS perform similarly to that of the Galaxy Buds FE. These buds use Ambient Aware and TalkThru modes, which diffuse the ambient noise falling on the mics.
  • Skullcandy Push Active True Wireless: If you are a sporty person who listens to music throughout the exercise or game, then prefer going with the Skullcandy Push Active TWS earbuds. They offer bass-rich sound and come with an IP55 rating to prevent any dust or water from residing in them.

How Do We Test Earbuds?

The only way to test earbuds is to buy them and then use them in different situations. I do not have a fancy lab to test these earbuds, but what I mostly do is use them as a normal use would use.

I and my team play songs, watch videos, and games to test my earbuds. To test active noise cancellation in earbuds, we spend most of our time outdoors and in traffic. At least these are the situations where you can easily test the strength of ANC that earbuds have to offer.

We do comparative testing to find out which earbuds offer more value than the other at a specific price.

Before giving the final verdict, I ask users in different discussion forums like Reddit and Quora. Getting feedback from different users is a necessary part of my product testing.

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