6 Tips on How to Make Your Earbuds Sound Better

So, you have bought a pair of earbuds, but they sound really bad? For audiophiles, it’s the sound quality that matters above all the other factors. So, if you’ve got earbuds that do not offer the sound that you want, then here are some tips that you can follow to improve the sound quality of your earbuds.

Earbuds serve as a great option whether you are listening to phone calls or music. As modern earbuds are of a wireless nature, there are a lot of complaints regarding the sound quality of these. Even if your earbuds are not of high quality, you can still get the best sound out of them.

How to Make Your Earbuds Sound Better?

Here are some easy to follow tricks in order to improve your sound quality:

 Tip #1: Adjust EQ Settings

Let’s start by adjusting the EQ setting that is available on every smartphone and PC. Using the Equalizer console in your device can help you in achieving better sound quality on your earbuds.

When it comes to the sound, everyone has its own taste. Some users like punch bass whereas others prefer more treble. You can interact with EQ through your phone or via the companion app that comes with your earbuds.

How to Make Your Earbuds Sound Better by adjusting EQ settings
Image by: IdealEarbuds

You can interact with different frequencies in the EQ menu unless you hear the sound you want out of your earbuds.

Retouching your EQ setting can drastically enhance the sound if you have budget-friendly earbuds in your pocket.

For example, if you have earbuds that do not have bass, then you can simply play with the EQ settings to make your earbuds produce more bass.

As I’ve said earlier, the sound you want to hear boils down to your personal liking. The EQ adjustment allows you to achieve the sound you really want to fall on your ears.

Tip #2: Switch Bluetooth Codec

To those of you who don’t about Bluetooth Codes, let me explain this in really simple words. A Bluetooth codec determines how data is transmitted between your audio device and your earbuds.

So, the Bluetooth codecs affect the sound quality of earbuds by determining the type of codec used in transmitting the audio data.

SBC is the most widely used codec in creating a bridge between your device and earbuds/headphones. This codec compresses the data heavily which can result in lower sound quality in your earbuds.

AAC is the second most used codec, which offers better sound quality than the SBC codec. This is the codec that is widely used in iPhone smartphones and offers a superior compression algorithm, thus improving the overall sound quality.

AAC codec for improving sound quality in earbuds
Image by: IdealEarbuds

Some other advanced Bluetooth codecs are aptX, aptX HD, and LDAC which offer superior sound quality over the AAC and SBC codecs.

Bluetooth CodecMaximum Transfer Rate (Mbps)
SBC (Subband Coding)1.4
AAC (Advanced Audio Coding)2.4
aptX HD576
aptX Low Latency352
aptX Adaptive420
LC3 (Low Complexity Communication Codec)1.6
Here’s a table that shows Bluetooth Codecs and their maximum transfer rate in Mbps

Note: These Bluetooth codecs are natively supported by your device, you cannot install or integrate them manually in your phone.

Changing your Bluetooth Codec is simple, all you need is to follow the steps below:

  • Go to the “Bluetooth” option on your device
  • Now search for Bluetooth Audio Codec and enable the one that is offered by your device. My phone offers AAC, so I’ve enabled it as shown in the image below
Turn on AAC to improve sound quality of your earbuds
Image by: IdealEarbuds

Tip #3: Use External DAC

The role of a DAC or Digital or Analog Converter is to convert digital signals to analogue signals on your device. This is the most important component found in any device that has to output sound.

Sometimes, the reason you are not hearing high-quality sound despite having a good pair of earbuds is because of a low-quality built-in DAC on your device. If this is the case, you will have to depend upon a third-party external DAC to get high-quality sound.

Audio DAC to enhance sound
Image by: Amazon

Though this is an expensive option to go with, on the other end, you get a crystal clear sound output in your earbuds. Most external DACs are only compatible with wired earbuds, so don’t consider going with this option if you have wireless earbuds.

Tip #4: Wear the Earbuds Properly

Do you know that most of us wear earbuds incorrectly? You should wear earbuds in a way that they perfectly seal around your ear canals. Doing this, not only results in noise cancellation but also helps in boosting the overall sound quality.

There are many ways through which you can test if earbuds are sitting correctly inside your ear canals. My favourite method is to carry out the earlobe tug test, which is to tug on your ear lobe, insert the earbuds, and then release your earlobe.

earbuds perfect fitting
Image by: IdealEarbuds

Another way is to pull up on the top of your ears gently, inserting earbuds in your canals and then twisting them to rest in.

Choosing the appropriate size of earbuds also helps in boosting the sound quality as this creates a perfect seal around your ear canals.

In case, your earbuds do not fit properly inside your ear canal, then try different silicon or foam tips to snugly fit earbuds.

Keep in mind that if your earbuds are loose or if they don’t sit perfectly inside your ears, then this will result in low-quality sound no matter if you have the most expensive earbuds with you.

Tip #5: Clean Your Earbuds

Ear wax can envelop the tips of your earbuds if you don’t clean them regularly. With the passage of time, ear wax or dirt creates a coating on the tiny holes present on the ear tips of your earbuds, thus blocking the sound.

If you are hearing a muffled or damp sound coming out of your earbuds, then it’s an indication that they require cleaning or maintenance.

You can simply use a microfiber cloth or a dry toothbrush to clean the excess debris or wax from your earbuds.

Don’t use a needle or any pointed objects for cleaning as this might subject to physical damage on the speakers.

clean earbuds
Image by: Reddit

Cleaning your earbuds once a month will prevent debris, ear wax, or natural oils from residing with the ear tips, hence improving the sound quality.

Tip #6: Activate ANC

ANC or Active Noise Cancellation is a feature found in modern earbuds to block ambient noise for a better hearing experience. If your earbuds come with ANC, then I highly recommend you turn it on for high-quality sound output.

Use ANC to improve better sound
Image by: Soundguys

Using active nosie cancellation help in blocking the noise coming from nearby engines, machinery, street, etc by using microphones to pick up environmental sounds and generating sound waves of opposite phase.

Please keep in mind that ANC does not increase the quality of sound coming out from the speakers on your earbuds. What it only does is eliminate the background so that you could focus on the audio without any disturbance.


So, these were the 6 working tips to improve sound quality on your current earbuds. By following these tips, you can will notice a decent change in the overall sound quality. Let me know which one of these tips worked for you in the comment section below.

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